Julie’s Bicycle-Serious about greening the arts

Nishanth Jois

My friend Binnie Brennan, a classical musician and children’s book author from Halifax sent me this link.

Julie’s Bicycle is a broad coalition of music, theatre and scientific experts committed to making our industry green. Our ambition is global, our main operations UK. Almost everything we do is relevant to other creative industries and other global territories.

Great place to see what is already happening at the confluence of sustainability, policy and (not just) music. The site has resource tools, essays,  and data.

Here’s a link to their Green Music blog.  Just one example of the wealth of info here.


One Reply to “Julie’s Bicycle-Serious about greening the arts”

  1. Thanks for featuring us!

    We have also just launched the Julie’s Bicycle Green Business Award with Music Week Awards 2011 – open to anyone in the UK music industry who has been greening their business in the last year. Applications open until 25 Feb 2011. More info on our website: http://www.juliesbicycle.com/about-jb/news

    Always great to be connected to new blogs, people and ideas… best wishes.

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