Stepping Out


Ok, so it’s been a while.

The last post I wrote for this site was in 2015.  Although I did add some photos and video from my 2017 adventures in the Elliott Forest.

It feels like time again though.  When I started this blog in 2009, I was approaching the end of my first academic sabbatical. The Territory was a metaphor for the kind of exploration I had been hoping to do during that time.  It represented stepping out from my comfort zone to find new inspiration, sources of connection and community.

A decade later, as I begin another sabbatical from teaching, I feel like I’m at the same kind of jumping off place.  It is new territory, to be sure, but the exciting projects on the horizon- 21 Cartas with Edna Vazquez and Adolfo Cantu-Villareal, and SANCTUARIES, my chamber opera with Anis Mojgani and Third Angle New Music are nothing if not new land.

So this blog again seems like a good place to document my internal and external journey. Waving goodbye to the known, It’s time to put on the boots and explore these intersections that seem to inspiring me- Art, Place, Community.  I’m sure that, as it did the last time, the Territory brings new discoveries, learning, challenges, adventure, and some good stories.  I look forward to sharing what I discover, and hope that it might add something of value to the world around me.

See you around.


October 2018



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