The end of striving

How do you find a rhythm?  How do you remember that life is, if not short, then finite.  Reading about Greek & Roman civilization really helps.  Came up with this poem today in response to the longer view that reading a book like “The Swerve” encourages…


Giving Up

It’s just a day

Just another 24 hours on the road

No finish lines will be crossed

No jackpots hit

No glorious codas reached

No final victory won

The coming of night is the sole reward.

Be patient

Have forbearance

Don’t anticipate

Enjoy small pleasures

Share a moment with your fellow travelers

We’re all just walking

One step at a time

Toward the grave

Don’t give chase

Resist the illusory hum of frantic necessity

Civilizations rise and they fall

Settle in

Find a rhythm fit for miles

Knowing that in the end is dust

And being alive this day is the only miracle

You will ever know.

-Darrell Grant


2 Replies to “The end of striving”

  1. Darrell,

    This is an awakening thought process! I came close to this very conclusion recently, after hearing of the loss of several family friends as the month of April came to a close. I have three memorials to attend in the next two weeks. This will help me keep a better perspective. Thank you,


  2. Your poem was very handsome and moving, and struck a definite chord. I’m now enjoying savoring “The Swerve.” Thank you for both gifts.

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