Testing, Testing

Gloves- B&WSo, since I had nothing else going on this fall (ha,ha)  I thought it was time to make a radical experiment in audience building.

I’m a jazz piano player. There is a long history and deep tradition in this instrument and this music.  My question is this:  Is there a way I might dig into the historical precedent of my musical tradition, and find a way to engage with a very atypical audience?  What would happen if  I rethink the performance conventions  to draw on the practices of other artistic forms-theater, magic, or comedy for instance.  They all engage audiences. But they use different approaches.  What if I embrace some of the techniques that sporting events use to create drama, for instance.  Can I create something that pro wrestling fans, NASCAR viewers and yes, even jazz fans can  gather around.  All while having a good time AND not sacrificing the quality of the music?

I don’t know.

But I’m giving it a shot.

This Saturday afternoon.


One Reply to “Testing, Testing”

  1. Sounds like a great event. Also looking forward to the recreation of one of my favorite MJQ albums at the Mission Theatre this Thursday.

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